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This precision machine shop was utilising Mazak Super Quick Turn CNC Turning Centres and machining a wide range of medium/high tensile steels using a major’s conventional metalworking soluble oil for turning and drilling operations. They were experiencing short sump life, particularly whenever there was production down-time. The previous coolant was susceptible to biological growth resulting in foul ‘Monday morning’ odours. This was attributed to poor tramp oil rejection properties of the competitive product in use.


Astro-Sol XL was introduced to the machine following a complete system clean-out. The machine has now been in service with Astro-Sol XL for 5 months, and has resulted in extending sump life by over 100% – and it’s still running. Due to the product’s ability to reject tramp oil, the tramp oil can now be easily removed from the sump surface. The entire shop has now switched all machines to Astro-Sol XL. This company has shown significant savings through reduced product usage, reduced waste disposal volumes and reduced machine down-time. In addition the plant environment has improved tremendously.